Stockspots and ESquare Capital enter into partnership

June 2023

Stockspots and ESquare Capital enter into partnership to accelerate the company’s international growth ambitions

Breda, 8 June 2023 – Stockspots, the leading Benelux on-demand, flexible warehousing platform, is partnering with ESquare Capital Partners to further strengthen its leadership position in the Benelux and to create a firm foundation for growth in other European markets. ESquare acquires a strategic stake to support the company in its next phase of growth.

Stockspots connects companies searching for flexible, on-demand storage solutions with warehouse operators with idle warehouse space that want to use that space more efficiently and increase occupancy. The platform has seen strong growth over the past few years, especially after the supply chain uncertainty and unpredictability following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical turmoil. Moreover, the platform uses existing idle warehouse space more efficiently, thereby limiting the need for additional warehouse capacity to be built, impacting the Dutch landscape and leading to increasing social and political resistance.

Stockspots is proud to welcome ESquare as an entrepreneurial tech investor and strategic and financial partner. After 5 years of pioneering and building Stockspots to the leading Benelux flexible warehousing platform it is today, the company was looking for a growth partner and investor that shared the team’s vision of contributing to sustainability by eliminating warehouse waste and that could help further accelerate growth. With this unique partnership Stockspots can consolidate its leading position in the dominant Benelux market, the logistical port to mainland Europe, and accelerate its European growth ambitions.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Stockspots team that brings a wealth of experience in warehousing and logistics automation and technology to the table” said Jules Bernaerts, Managing Partner of ESquare Capital Partners. “Stockspots has a proven track record of delivering flexible, on-demand and efficient storage solutions to fast-growing companies in food- and non-food retail, e-commerce, wholesale, manufacturing, freight forwarding and logistics services. We strongly believe in the vision of the founders and look forward to supporting them in the next phase of growth. This investment will enable Stockspots to grow the team, scale its operations, further enhance its technology platform, and expand its market reach”.

About Stockspots
Stockspots is the Benelux market leading platform for on-demand warehousing. The company was founded in 2017 with the vision to revolutionize the way business manage their warehousing and fulfillment. It matches companies searching for temporary, flexible, pay-per-use warehousing and fulfillment solutions with warehouse operators that have idle warehouse space. Through the platform businesses can easily access a vast network of more than 600 warehouses, enabling to efficiently store and distribute their products at the most optimal location based on company’s specific supply chains requirements. Stockspots is headquartered in Breda, a key logistical hub in the Netherlands, strategically positioned within the triangle Rotterdam-Antwerp-Hamburg, which accounts for 80% of the logistical volume in Mainland Europe. Also see:

About ESquare
ESquare was founded in 2022 as an entrepreneurial tech investment firm investing the capital of its founding partners and of a fast-growing network of successful entrepreneurs co-investing alongside them. The team and the entrepreneurial investors are crazy about tech, deeply value long term relationships and love to build great technology companies together with ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs and management teams. ESquare focuses on robust, tech-driven and scalable companies in the Benelux, active in Software (SaaS), IT Services, Platforms and High-Tech that are looking to accelerate, transform and/or professionalize their business. ESquare typically invests EUR 2-10 million equity tickets in companies with positive EBITDA in (pre-)exit, MBO/MBI and/or growth settings and feels comfortable with both majority and minority shareholdings. Also see:

For more information about Stockspots and this partnership, please contact:

Mr. Leon Meijs
Key Account Manager
+31 6 52 30 29 21
+31 76 53 15 389
Graaf Engelbertlaan 75, 4837 DS, Breda


ESquare Capital Partners
Mr. Jules Bernaerts
Managing Partner
+31 6 20 40 49 08
Pettelaarpark 20, 5216 PD, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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