Istia Software joins Forces with ESquare Capital Partners

June 2023

Istia Software joins Forces with ESquare Capital Partners to further strengthen position in the Dutch WMS Software Market

Breda, 16 June 2023 – Istia Software, the emerging provider of cloud-native, flexible, and scalable Warehouse Management Software (WMS) solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with ESquare Capital Partners, the entrepreneurial technology investment firm. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment for Istia as it becomes an integral part of ESquare’s Software & IT Investment Platform, aimed at strengthening its emerging position as the innovative WMS software solution provider in the fragmented Dutch WMS software market.

As the warehousing and logistics landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, businesses face ever-increasing challenges in orchestrating, executing and monitoring of their warehouse operations efficiently. Istia Software’s adaptable, business rule-driven, cloud-native and hyper-scalable WMS solutions, revolutionises warehouse management for fast-growing e-commerce, e-trail, wholesale and manufacturing companies. By integrating advanced features such as real-time inventory tracking, intelligent optimization algorithms, dynamic workflows and seamless integration capabilities with established ERP systems, Istia empowers businesses to streamline and execute operations, enhance productivity, and drive profitability.

Recognising the potential of the fragmented Dutch WMS Software market, ESquare Capital Partners is proud and excited to join forces with Istia Software. Laurens van der Gun, Managing Partner at ESquare Capital Partners, commented on this new partnership by stating: “Istia is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s position as an established but innovative and scalable WMS software solution provider perfectly aligns with our vision of investing in established technology companies with exceptional potential. Together, we are poised to unlock the clear growth opportunities in the fragmented Dutch WMS Software market and drive transformative change within the industry”. By leveraging ESquare’s Software & IT Investment Platform, Istia can scale its operations, strengthen customer relationships with high-profile clients, and solidify its position as an emerging, innovative and key player the WMS Software segment.

Remko Been, CEO of Istia Software, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, saying, “Partnering with ESquare Capital Partners marks a major milestone in Istia’s journey. This strategic alliance not only enables us to realise our growth ambitions faster but also validates our commitment to providing best-in-class WMS software solutions. By joining ESquare’s Software & IT Investment Platform, Istia Software gains access to a broader network, enhanced resources, capital, and strategic support, solidifying its competitive edge in the market. He continues: “With the support of ESquare, we will accelerate innovation, expand our customer base, and further enhance our offerings to address the evolving needs of the Dutch market.” ESquare Capital Partners’ investment in Istia Software reinforces the firm’s dedication to identifying and nurturing established but innovative technology companies with strong growth potential, relatively early in their lifecycle. By integrating Istia Software into its Software & IT Investment Platform, ESquare strengthens its position as an entrepreneurial and emerging investor in the technology investment landscape, empowering entrepreneurs to accelerate and achieve sustainable growth in close partnership.

About Istia Software:
Istia Software was founded in 2012 by CEO Remko Been and CTO Peter Brouwers as an adaptable, business rule-driven, flexible and highly scalable WMS Software provider, which was cloud-native from day one. Since inception, Istia has attracted (very) fast-growing e-commerce companies, wholesalers and manufacturing companies as well as established enterprise clients enabling them to hyperscale, orchestrate, monitor and execute their warehousing and logistics operations more efficiently. Istia is headquartered in Breda, a key logistical hub in the Netherlands, strategically positioned within the triangle Rotterdam-Antwerp-Hamburg, which accounts for 80% of the logistical volume in Mainland Europe. Also see:

About ESquare
ESquare was founded in 2022 as an entrepreneurial tech investment firm investing the capital of its founding partners and of a fast-growing network of successful entrepreneurs co-investing alongside them. The team and the entrepreneurial investors are crazy about tech, deeply value long term relationships and love to build great technology companies together with ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs and management teams. ESquare focuses on robust, tech-driven and scalable companies in the Benelux, active in Software (SaaS), IT Services, Platforms and High-Tech that are looking to accelerate, transform and/or professionalize their business. ESquare typically invests EUR 2-10 million equity tickets in companies with positive EBITDA in (pre-)exit, MBO/MBI and/or growth settings and feels comfortable with both majority and minority shareholdings. Also see:

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ESquare Capital Partners
Mr. Laurens van der Gun
Managing Partner
+31 6 53 91 56 67
Pettelaarpark 20, 5216 PD, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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