ESquare agrees to invest in Smart Servant

March 2024

Den Bosch, 28 March 2024 – ESquare Capital Partners, an entrepreneurial private equity investment platform specialised in technology, proudly announces it has reached an agreement to invest in Smart Servant, specialised provider of Service and Cleaning Robotics focused on the hospitality and leisure sector. Together they have the mission to make the lives of staff in hospitality and leisure easier, smarter and more fun.

Smart Servant has quickly positioned itself as the leading specialist in service and cleaning robots for the hospitality and leisure sector committed to making service and cleaning robotics accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes. The founders were looking to attract a partner for the next phase of accelerated growth, who can support in expanding the team, professionalizing the organisation while providing the financial means to expand the fleet of service and cleaning robots. Through cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach, Smart Servant has revolutionized the way businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector manage their service and cleaning operations.

ESquare Capital Partners recognizes the potential for Smart Servant and supports its mission to make service and cleaning robotics affordable and achievable for every company and to make the life of hospitality and leisure staff easier by automating dirty, labor intensive and repetitive service and cleaning tasks. Moreover, it sees opportunities to expand into care and warehousing niches. By investing in Smart Servant, ESquare aims to accelerate growth by expanding the team, increasing sales and marketing efforts and further professionalizing the company. 

“We are thrilled to announce our commitment to invest in Smart Servant,” said Jules Bernaerts, Managing Partner of ESquare. “Smart Servant is well positioned to become the specialised partner for SME’s looking to automate their service and cleaning processes using robotics. This partnership perfectly aligns with our investment philosophy in our Smartware fund to invest in hardware technology that makes life easier, safer, smarter, more sustainable and more fun. We look forward to working closely with the Smart Servant team in the next phase of accelerated growth. The investment from ESquare Capital Partners will provide Smart Servant with the resources and expertise needed to further enhance its service offerings, expand its team and fleet, invest in sales and marketing and solidify its position as the go-to provider of robotics solutions for the hospitality and leisure industry.

“We are excited to welcome ESquare Capital Partners as our investor and growth partner,” said Rob Alkema, co-founder & CEO of Smart Servant. “This investment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the tremendous potential of robotics to transform the service and cleaning operations of companies active in the hospitality and leisure sector. With ESquare’s support, we are confident that we can accelerate growth and continue to contribute to innovation for the benefit of our clients and their dedicated staff.

For more information about Smart Servant, ESquare Capital Partners and this partnership, please contact:

Smart Servant
Mr. Martijn Rehling
+31 (0) 617 42 79 94
Zonnebaan 33A, 3542 EB, Utrecht

ESquare Capital Partners
Mr. Jules Bernaerts
Managing Partner
+31 6 20 40 49 08
Pettelaarpark 20, 5216 PD, ‘s-Hertogenbosch 

About Smart Servant

Smart Servant is the leading specialist in Service and Cleaning Robotics for the Hospitality and Leisure sector. Dedicated to making robotics affordable and achievable for every company, Smart Servant is revolutionizing the way hospitality and leisure companies manage their service and cleaning operations. For more information please check

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ESquare was founded in 2022 as an entrepreneurial tech investment firm investing the capital of its founding partners and of a fast-growing network of successful entrepreneurs co-investing alongside them. The team and the entrepreneurial investors are crazy about tech, deeply value long term relationships and love to build great technology companies together with ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs and management teams. ESquare focuses on robust, tech-driven and scalable companies in the Benelux, active in Software (SaaS), IT, Platforms and Smart Hardware (High-Tech) that are looking to accelerate, transform and/or professionalize their business. For more information please check

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